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Caravan Cleaning Ready For The Touring Season

Has your pride and joy been in hibernation?


The new touring season is just around the corner and you may be ready to get your big white box out of hibernation and have a caravan cleaning session. So before you hitch up and hit the road, here's our handy guide ...

Before you hitch up and head out on the road, a caravan cleaning session will probably be in order!

Before you hitch up and head out on the road, a caravan cleaning session will probably be in order!

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So it’s time to get the hot water, shampoo, polish, brushes and dusters at the ready to give your tourer the once over. Do not use a high-power pressure washer as you may damage some of the delicate seals around the windows and doors.

"Besides, a hand wash will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal to check for problems!"

Caravans have different paint and bodywork than you find on a car or motorhome, so remember to use a less abrasive product so you don’t end up scratching the surface. A dedicated caravan cleaning product is recommended.

It goes without saying that you should work from the top down. Even with a cover on over the Winter, there could be mould and algae growth and starting at the top means that you're washing it down and off the caravan.

Do be careful with your ladder as you lean it against the caravan and remember safety first; get someone to hold whatever you're climbing up and down ... soap is very slippery and you don't want a nasty fall.

Rinse down the caravan first to soften up any grim and algae, then use a hosepipe and long-handled brush to reach fully across the roof. Some brushes come with reservoirs that will mix the shampoo with the water as it comes through. This is a great time saver.

Skylights can cause issues if they are double-skinned so you'll need a much smaller brush to get in between the layers. Don't forget to clean in the recesses as dirt can collect in there too.

Clean the sides of the caravan from the awning rails downwards using a soft brush. Work your way down ensuring you get into every nook and cranny, then shampoo and sponge each panel thoroughly, then rinse.

Black marks can be removed using a black steak remover spray. Remove them from the side locker surrounds use white spirit on a soft cloth then wash off before shampoo and rinsing.

Once you’ve cleaned the exterior you can let it dry naturally or use a drying cloth to speed things up. A large microfibre cloth works well and is cheaper and softer than a chamois leather but may be more difficult to remove streaks. Once dry, apply a caravan polish until everything is crystal clear and streak free.

"You'll need plenty of elbow grease too!"

Moving to the insure, vacuum the carpets and upholstery then use antibac spray on the kitchen surfaces; Clean the inside of the windows with a specialist cleaner. Use microfibre cloths dust down shelves and add air fresheners and drawer liners to help neutralise any unpleasant odours whilst your unit has been in hibernation.

Keep a good air flow through your caravan to prevent condensation and damp, and leave your fridge door open when it’s not in use.

And finally, drains can give off a pong, especially after being left unused for a few months. Mix some bicarb with warm water, bung the outlet and fill the pipes with the mixture. Leave it for a while then drain. We know of people who use Puriclean to sterilise the water tank, internal pipework and drains.

"What cleaning products do you recommend?"

We've got a range of high-quality cleaning products available in our online store. Looking at the most popular, we have these quality items from Fenwicks:

And if you need a few tools for the job then take a look at:

If you're taking your caravan out of hibernation and want to give it a good clean before the touring season begins, click here to visit our website or if you have any questions about caravan cleaning, call us on 0333 335 0461 and let's see how we can help you.

Until next time ...

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